Plant-Based Meal Planner


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverage recipes. All delicious and nutritious!
  • Recipes based on your BMI and your goals.
  • Easy to read nutritional information.
  • Personalized goal setting and tracking.
  • Mobile grocery shopping lists.
  • Grocery delivery through Amazon Fresh and Instacart

Why It Works

Caring Support


Nutritional Analysis


Personalized Recipes


How It Works

Get Started

The Phytogenic Chef Meal Planner

To access your personalized program, click on the ‘Go to meal plan’ button in your invitation email. In the future, you can go directly to your nutrition program page and log in. Next, simply set your password, complete your lifestyle-related questions, and you’re ready to go!

Plan Your First Week


Select meals for every day of the week or start off small with just a few meals. Within just a few seconds, you will see a meal plan that fits your specific nutrition program and lifestyle preferences.  

Easy Grocery Lists


Click the Add all recipes to Grocery button located at the top right of your meal plan or add one meal at a time by hovering over the meal and clicking the green shopping cart icon. 

It's Time To Shop

The Phytogenic Chef Meal Planner Delivery Grocery

All the ingredients are combined and organized by grocery aisle to make shopping super simple! When you pick up an item, just click the box to cross it off. Delivery options available through Amazon Fresh OR Instacart.

Let's Start Cooking

The Phytogenic Chef Meal Planner

When you are ready to cook, go to your meal plan page and click on your chosen recipe. For your convenience, the nutrition information for every recipe is available under the nutrition tab.

Real Support, Really

The Phytogenic Chef Meal Planner Video Session

Tracking is key to achieving your goals! It has been shown to help with accountability and turning a new way of eating into a lifelong habit. The Phytogenic Chef™ is  here to help!



Easy To Use Customized Plant-Based Meal Planner


Mobile Friendly with Endless Healthy Recipes

Who's This For?

The Phytogenic Chef™ Whole Food Plant-Based Meal Planner is for everyone!

Whether you are a just exploring the concept of plant-based, you've been eating this way for years or you're an athlete looking to take it to the next level, I have you covered! How? Each recipe is tailored to caloric needs based on your lifestyle, height, weight and BMI. So, when I say it's for everyone, I mean it!

If you don't think that you have time, think again! Through personal experience and data collected from the top professionals in the industry, I have solved one of the biggest issues we all face when it comes to preparing nutrient rich meals: "I just don't have time to cook and eat healthy." My meal planner will allow you to pick recipes from beginner skill levels to intermediate, and even advanced. It also allows you to select how much time you have per meal to prepare - only have 10 minutes, not a problem! You have time to prepare a nice dinner, I have you covered!

This planner fits your life, not the other way around. Finally, a program that delivers whole food plant-based recipes in a format that doesn't force you to completely flip your life upside down in order to participate.

I look forward to helping you eat healthier!

Peace | Love | Plants

~ The Phytogenic Chef™